Our goal is to earn the complete confidence of our clients, service-team members, vendors and shareholders in all things we undertake. We believe this is only possible if we maintain a commitment of complete dedication, from beginning to end, to the people who depend on us. To clarify this commitment, we make the following promises:

  1. When we accept a task, we will see that task through to the end regardless of its length or difficulty.
  2. The only schedule we will ever have is our client’s schedule.
  3. We will study our profession diligently in order to anticipate and satisfy the desires of our clients.
  4. If we say we will do it, we will do it.
  5. Our professional chauffeurs will safely escort each client in comfort and style and in the highest tradition of our craft.
  6. We will not endanger clients, service-team members or vendors through lack of training, poor maintenance, under insurance or any other reasons within our control.
  7. We will freely admit our shortcomings, make good on the consequences and work to eliminate the causes.
  8. The needs of our clients and service-team members will always come before the bottom line.