Rates and Policies


See an Instant All Inclusive Price for almost anything you might need.

Our clients have told us there are 3 things they want when it comes to rates and terms:

  1. An all-inclusive quote without add-ons.
  2. Consistent and transparent pricing.
  3. A clear understanding of how the price will change if the actual use is different from the use quoted.

All-inclusive hourly charges for hours over the requested time by vehicle:

  • Luxury Sedan $79.34
  • Premium Sedan $97.24
  • Luxury SUV $97.24
  • Luxury Van $97.24
  • Luxury Minibus $101.30
  • Premium Minibus $126.97
  • Luxury Motor Coach $120.62
  • Premium Motor Coach $141.06

GRATUITIES/TIPS: A TIP IS ALREADY INCLUDED except on minibuses and motor coaches. Customer and/or rider are expressly informed that the payment of a tip is optional and may be increased or decreased at their discretion. A recommended 15% Service Fee/Tip may have been added for convenience BUT whether a tip is to be given, and its amount, are matters determined solely by the customer and the customer has discretion to pay whatever amount the customer deems appropriate, if any, based on the quality of service provided.

PARKING/TOLLS/TAXES/ENERGY/FUEL/STC:  These charges are ALREADY INCLUDED in all airport quotes.

TRAVEL TIME: The time to get to or from your location is ALREADY INCLUDED in your charter or airport quote.

Our instant online airport quote tool is based on airport/zip code pairs. There are some predefined restrictions on the rates quoted:

  1. Airport quotes do not apply to private jet service.
  2. International arrivals are $25.00 extra.
  3. Complimentary wait time is included as follows:
  • Non Airport pickup - 15 minutes from scheduled pickup time.
  • Domestic Flight Arrivals - 30 minutes from wheels down.
  • International Flight Arrivals - 60 minutes from wheels down.

Our instant online charter quote tool allows the client to choose the zip code of pickup and zip code of drop off and how long they need a vehicle. Rates are given for every vehicle we offer with each quote. The maximum garage to garage miles before additional charges is also shown. The instant quote tool is only valid for trips lasting 24 hours or less.

While we know that not all possibilities can be addressed in advance. There are some predefined restrictions on the quote.

  1. Weather related pricing applies if we issue a inclement weather advisory.
  2. Tolls and parking, if applicable, are not already included on charter quotes.
  3. Special event rates and cancellation times apply to any major professional sports playoff/championship dates, if known at time of booking.
  4. Special event rates and cancellation times are in effect for the following dates during 2017:
  • January 19-21
  • April 29
  • June 26-July 3
  • December 25
  • December 31

CANCELLATION: Cancellation charges are equal to the total rate quoted at time of reservation will apply unless cancellation is received as follows PLUS any positioning time:

  • Sedans THREE HOURS
  • Vans/VanTerras/Sprinters FOUR HOURS
  • Limousines TEN DAYS (Proms, Ring Dances and Holiday Light Tours are noncancelable and a 100% reservation fee is due at reservation),
  • Minibuses require a non-refundable $100.00 per day reservation fee AND FOURTEEN DAYS advance notice to cancel.
  • Motor Coaches require a non-refundable $100.00 per day reservation fee AND FOURTEEN DAYS advance notice to cancel.

A full list of all of our terms and conditions may be found here.

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