Daily Spread Tracker:

The spread of the virus by state, the base line of “1” means each person who has it gives it to one other person.

If your state is below 1 then the spread is slow or slowing. Above 1 it is moving fast or increasing.

The Gross Numbers are Gross: Sick Map:

The “Minority Problem”: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says: “Inequality is a comorbidity.”  She is right.

Disproportionate effect on minorities:

And That Means Us: As a majority minority industry, we are at very serious risk:

It Is Not Likely to Go Away Soon: There were three waves of the 1918 Flu Pandemic and the second wave was the deadliest. For us, that is when the kids go back to school in the Fall:

This survivor says back then, it was 4 years before people felt safe in groups again:

Which means we will face a choice:


Nothing you can do will insure you or your drivers will survive if you are moving guests.

And yet, most of us will go on moving guests anyway. So now what?

The World Health Organization says:

The Center for Disease Control says:


We also ensure social distancing on the buses:

Motor Coach Industries, a bus manufacturer, put out a social distancing recommendation for buses:

In addition, we also implement best practices for the driving staff.

Here is what we do in addition to following those protocols rigorously:

  • The Bus Captain or Chauffeur always exits the vehicle completely before the client enters, waiting well away from the entrance door.
  • The Bus Captain or Chauffeur always exits the vehicle completely before the client exits, waiting well away from the exit door.
  • We were fortunate to find a large box of 3M N95 masks in our body shop supply closet. We issued one to each of the diving staff with instructions on how to keep them clean for re-use, including wearing a second microfiber or cloth mask covering over the N95 mask.
  • We were also lucky to have friend who is a pharmacist and who was able to obtain disposable face shields. Directions were given on cleaning these as well.
  • The driving staff were instructed to put on their PPE before exiting their vehicle in the morning and wait until exiting the building at the end of their shift to remove it.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided to everyone and in every vehicle and at several points throughout the shop.

When we have someone report an illness; however slight, they are grounded until they get clearance from a physician, with a note. We pay for the physician visit.

A Bus Captain/Chauffeur PPE kit looks like this: