Culpeper Medical Center Protocol

  1. The nursing unit will contact the Nursing Supervisor (540) 212-8752 for transfer arrangements for a voluntary psychiatric inpatient placement.
  2. Nursing Supervisor will contact transporting agency A Goff Limousine & Bus Company (434) 979-5466 providing destination and the name of the assigned Safety Attendant.
  3. Goff Transport will respond to the Nursing Supervisor with a driver name, phone number and estimated time of arrival.
  4. The assigned Safety Attendant will receive notification of the assignment, obtain the Safety Attendant bag which contains phone Safety Attendant phone (540) 718-0526, supplies, and documents for the transport and report.
  5. The nursing supervisor will confirm all transfer paperwork prior to departure.
  6. Operator will park in front of Culpeper Medical Center Emergency Dept. (see photo). Open trunk. Text 540-718-0526 “A Goff has arrived” and log arrival time on portal.
  7. Driver will report to Emergency Department unit to obtain final instructions and meet safety attendant.
  8. Safety Attendant and driver to be introduced to patient and will confirm the destination address with the operator.
  9. Transfer of patient initiated.
  10. Patient and Safety Attendant will be dropped off at DO location, Operator will log time and location and wait for Safety Attendant to return.
  11. Safety Attendant will be transported back to Culpeper Medical Center.
  12. Operator will log Culpeper Medical Center DO time and any events with notes as applicable.