1. Many forms are now responsive. That means parts of the form only show when necessary. For instance, Expense # 2 only shows when Expense # 1 has an amount.
  2. Contract forms and instructions for our University, Military and Jail contracts can be found on a link at the top.
  3. Upload image fields can now take up to 5 images and the storage capacity is larger.
  4. There are other links at the top of the page now for Standard Operating Procedures, Maps, Printable Forms, etc.
  5. Links to the main Bus Captain/ Chauffeur page are now on both A Goff Limo and A Goff Bus pages.
  6. Emergency and administrative contacts are under Company Contacts including our towing and service providers.
  7. A full set of instructions have been added for the MSC Navy Contract under “Contract Forms” link at top of main page.
  8. Videos and operator guides have been added.
  9. New COVID Bus Loading Procedures Here.