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Working with affiliates since 1985 has taught us a lot. It has also given us many friends. It is comforting to know the people you depend on and we are dedicated to the people of this industry. If we haven’t met you yet, please give us a call today – we can do big things together!

Legitimacy and commitment are everything today. A Goff is well known to the livery industry. Click here to see our licenses and credentials for any type of service.

A Goff Limousine and Bus Company was founded in 2000. It is owned and managed by Ana Goff and family. The family’s roots in hired transportation stretch back over 35 years. In addition to the Goff family, A Goff enjoys the contributions of nearly 100 staff members and their families located in Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, North Carolina and Minnesota. Since its founding, the company has acquired several other firms including Starlight Express, Old Dominion Motor Coach, Van on the Go, Executive Limousines, Innsbrook Transportation and Royal Motor Cars.

Today, A Goff Limousine and Bus Company is the Largest 100% Minority Woman-Owned Limousine and Bus Company in America (as far as we can tell).

Family members have served as directors of the Virginia Motor Coach Association, the Virginia Limousine Association and as a Founding Board Member of the Minority Limousine Operators of America.

GM Dan Goff is a regular featured speaker at the Limousine, Charter and Tour conventions and the Chauffeur Driven shows. He served as an Industry Mentor at the Chauffeur Driven event in Washington DC. Dan has enjoyed the role of mentor to many companies in the industry over the last 20 years.

The family also owns SuperMax Motors, one of the larger pre-owned limousine and bus dealers in the country.

Arrival or departure, you can rest assured we are always early for your guests. You can depend on us to be in the right place with the right vehicle in Virginia, Maryland or D.C. We will be on point and ready to go. All meeting points are listed above.

We are always happy to extend affiliate pricing to limousine and charter bus companies.

Simply get a quote online and deduct 8%.


The Corona Cash Flow Calculator

Like you, we want to forecast and monitor our cashflow needs during this disaster.
We designed a form to do that.
You can download it to your own computer and use it privately.

Here is the form: Corona Cashflow

Click “Enable Editing” at the top to enter your own data.
The fields in Green are calculated automatically.
There is a section at the bottom that is focused only on cashflow through June.

Good luck to us all.

Dan Goff, GM

The Livery Profit Dashboard


The blank one is for your use, just fill out the pale yellow data-blocks on the “Questions” tab and the sheet does the rest.

The second one is preloaded with data from the last 3 years LCT Factbook’s so you can see what the output looks like in the reporting sections.

The reporting is on the tabs marked:

  • Combination
  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Fleet

The other two tabs hold the math engines.

All tabs are protected except the Questions tab to prevent accidents.

To take off the protections, simply go to the Excel menu Review and click “unprotect sheet”.

It should take 30-90 minutes to locate the information requested.

Most people will use their dispatch software for the “Fleet Activity” section and QuickBooks for the “All Expenses” section.

The “Fleet Makeup” section data may come from a couple of different sources.

Enter what you know, the more you put in the more you get out.

The Famous Vehicle Cost Calculator

Vehicle Cost Calculator

Looking to Buy or Sell a Livery Vehicle?


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